Boutique beer festival

Boutique Beer Festival in the Hotel Gellért

Tickets are available at the Reception of Hotel Gellért 0-24 hours ,
and online at the Gellért Webshop

Gellért Söröző & Brasserie
November 7, 2019 from 6 p.m. SOLD OUT!

Nowhere else in the world is there a Martin Day Wine Festival where beer is also assigned a significant role. Gellért is also exceptional in this regard, as on Day 0 when beer makers – representing the best Hungarian breweries – introduce their more than 30 draft beers with unlimited beer tasting.

Beer snacks will be presented by Róbert Vona, creative chef of the Gellért Brasserie.


Fóti Kézműves Sörfőzde  
Fóti Pils 4,7%
Málnás Búza 5%
Bitang Joe Szűretlen Pilseni 4,8%

Bigfoot Sörfőzde
2222 IPA
Bigfoot Meggyes 5%
Champs'Lion Szűretlen Lager 4,7%

Fűtőház Sörfőzde
V43 Szili – Summer Ale
M63 Bulldog - Belga Ale
N61 Nohab – IPA
327-139 – Stout

Krak'n Town
Krak’n IPA 6%
Krak’n Pils 5%
Krak’n Rubynk 4,6%

Ninka (gluten free beers)
Ninka Big Apple
Ninka Cherry Bomb

Liquid Gold
Erdinger Hefe
Erdinger Dunkel

Pivovar Cerna Hora
Granat 4,5%
Cerna Hora Medova 5,7%
Cerna Hora Velen 4,8%

Holba Serak 4,7%
Litovel GUSTAV 6,1%
Mazák 10,8° Cascade 4,0%

Permon Craft Brewery
Permon 10° Easy Ale 4,1%
Permon 15°Pumpkin Ale 5,8%

Gellért Söröző
Giorgio Ale 5,2% (v/v)
Gerardo  5,4% (v/v)


Beer snacks by Róbert Vona

Goat cheese mousse
walnut quince, red currant, crouton
400 HUF

Marinated tuna
glass noodles, wasabi, cucumber
650 HUF

Pumpkin soup
marble cheese mousse, pumpkin seed
450 HUF

Chicken paprikash
cottage cheese dumplings, icicle radishes
700 HUF

Goose sausage
parsnip, apple
900 HUF

Pressed pork belly
bean purée, tomato salsa
650 HUF

Breaded pork trotters
mashed potatoes, leavened cucumber
600 HUF

Beef cheek
celery purée, fried pepper
800 HUF

Cottage cheese cake
marinated citrus
350 HUF

Pumpkin-poppy seed strudel
vanilla mousse
450 HUF

Chocolate cake
orange cream
400 HUF

The Boutique Beer Festival ticket is HUF 4,990,
includes entry to the boutique festival, unlimited beer tasting and 1 beer snacks

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